New Balance Leadville V3 Trail Shoes

The New Balance Leadville V3 made its first appearance in online and brick and mortar shoe stores the world over in 2016. These running shoes are designed to meet comfort standards set by William Riley who established the company in 1906, with an aim of using technological know-how and research to come up with the ultimate running shoes.

New Balance Leadville V3

Riley’s dream led to “three support points” for the shoe manufacture technique that is incorporated in the New Balance Leadville shoe. These were made to give you design and comfort advantages that are reliable and competitive in the modern sports shoes industry.

All New Balance shoes are renowned for their comfort and quality of design, and the V3 running shoe is certainly no different. It has an ‘old school’ feel to the design, but incorporates all of the modern technology and design aspects that make it such a good quality, comfortable and safe shoe to run in.

Color range available

New Balance V3 comes predominantly in two colors for runners choice. These include the white and gray variety that goes well with just any sporting outfit you may have in your wardrobe. The shoes blend a mixture of deep and light shades of gray in a manner that is trendy and easy on the eye.

The other color option is a mix of black, white and gray. The shades of black cover most of this variety’s instep with the white patch found around the sole and the gray color pitch on the “N” symbol.

Arch support and design

The success of New Balance as a sports shoe manufacturer stems from an observation that its founder made at the onset of establishing the company. Riley observed chicken in a yard and came up with the arch support mechanism that depicts the perfect balance achieved by a chicken’s three clawed feet.

The New Balance Leadville V3 has an arch support design that goes a notch higher as it incorporates an ABZORB insert, a C-Cap core and an Encap midsole for dynamic results. These additional features ensure safety on the track and guard your ankle, feet and leg ligaments against potential injuries by in increasing stability and motion control.

New Balance Leadville V3

Weight of the shoe

New Balance V3 weighs 405 grams or 14.3 oz. As a result, you are able to achieve the speed and comfort you need in addition to avoiding negative aspects of putting on heavy shoes on a race truck. According to a study by University of Colorado’s Professor Rodger Kram, you use one percent more energy for every 100 grams you have on your feet in terms of shoe weight.

This means that the lighter the shoes the lesser the energy you dispense and the longer you can run without fatigue setting in. You are as well likely to experience less or no muscle aches and cramps after a long distance run.

Materials used to make the New Balance Leadville V3

An assortment of materials goes into the production of New Balance Leadville. This includes a blown rubber outsole that is designed to ensure that the shoe is extremely flexible and capable of handling stony as well as smooth and vegetation clustered terrains.

The midsole is made of synthetic environmentally friendly materials with miniature perforations to step up the shoes’ breathability as the sponge beneath the synthetic material absorbs sweat and improves aeration to ensure that your feet stays fresh irrespective of the distance you have to cover on the track. New Balance Leadville V3 also incorporates leather in its design to provide a unique look and durability aspects.

New Balance Leadville V3

Final thoughts on the New Balance Leadville V3

The Leadville V3 is of the usual comfort and design excellence that we have now come to expect from New Balance. It will help anyone that runs short or long distances and wants that piece of mind that they are wearing the right shoe that will keep their feet comfortable and protected also. The New balance Leadville V3 is a really good quality shoe that offers great value for money also.